Audience Interaction app for all hands meetings

Liven up your virtual or live workplace gatherings. Break the ice, take instant surveys, infuse fun and communicate values organization-wide with Audiencly

Audience interaction software for Training & Workshops

How to make your all-hands
meetings interactive?


Engage with each other throughout each session. Give feedback.


Foster greater teamwork with multiple engagement tools.

All-hands meetings made fun, fresh
& interactive!

Break the morning blues and start your workday by engaging
every member of your workforce
  • Energize your team meetings

    Make your team gathering's a memorable experience with Audiencly interaction software. Run live polls and Q&A sessions, brainstorm ideas, and share light and fun moments.

  • Instantly get all-hands on deck

    Connect with every member of your team on a secure platform that is instantly accessible using any device browser, in any location.

  • Team-building experience

    Bring people together, solve problems, brainstorm, share ideas and reinforce clarity in communication to foster greater teamwork and supercharge your interactions.

Multiple functions to propel your interactive presentation

Interact, share ideas, and reinforce your goals

Make all hands meetings fully interactive with Audiencly. Interact, share ideas, and boost organizational communications..

Break the Ice

Kickstart your session by running a quick Word Cloud poll or slider poll to help you size up the mood in the room in virtually minutes.

Intriguing Conversations

Bring your staff into the heart of the conversation. Run a live feedback loop where attendees can pose questions and get responses instantly.

Fun-Filled Interactions

Double up your employee engagement by conducting competitive quiz sessions - promoting informal learning and greater knowledge retention.

Brainstorm Ideas

Create an online idea board, where each participant can share their point of view – giving you rare insights into business-related topics.

Anonymous Responses

Bold or reserved, give every employee a platform to express themselves. Protect their identity and make sure they speak out in confidence.

Remove Abusive Content

Moderate hateful and harmful content from floating around in the interactive forum. Make sure every session leaves a positive vibe on attendees.

Inspired Teams. Positive Engagement

Embrace an interactive culture when teams come together. Connect, collaborate, share ideas, ask for help and communicate organization-wide values.

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Audiencly For All Hands Meetings

Set the tone for your all-hands meetings with Audiencly.
Motivate everyone across the board to participate.

Use any device browser

to connect and interact during the meeting.

Use multiple interactive

tools in real-time to get the desired response you need.

Capture insights

from your audience wherever they are – be it remote, live, or hybrid.

Secure and Stable

interactions with foolproof passcode and link to ensure the interaction is private.

Save and share data

after each session to make sure everyone can revisit the session anytime they desire

Import PPT or PDF Files

along with your interactive slides bringing everything to one place.

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