10 Useful Tips to Make an Impactful Presentation

Audience clapping for a presentation
Avinash Kumar  Thursday, Aug 6, 2020

“If you think Presentations cannot enchant people, then you have never seen a really good one.” - Guy Kawasaki

A good presentation is not just about colors, design, or content. A good presentation is a prop that is used as a background to support you while you are presenting your session.

What you need to ensure during your presentation is not to have a PPT that can create a distraction, like the one given below.

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Jarring colors, disjointed text, too much animation, ugly photos… there is umpteen number of ways one can get it wrong.

Here are a few tips to get it right.

1. Get your message right

While presenting data is a great idea in a presentation, just data alone is not going to make it interesting. It needs to be accompanied by a great story, a narrative. Everyone loves a good story…

2. Storyboard your presentation

Even before you open the PPT application, you should have put down the content as a storyboard to see how the content flows.

3. Know what to highlight

Save your graphic best. The core of your presentation is where you unveil what your session is all about. Whether it is a new product idea, research, survey, a transformational design, it needs to be highlighted well. Remember your entire presentation is around this theme.

Again, don’t make the mistake of presenting the entire project or research here. Your viewers don’t need to know the technical details of how that plane will fly without fuel but must you must put out salient points as to how such a thing would be possible and ask them to refer to the appendix for further details.

4. Tweak your presentation to address your audience

Always… always know your audience before you present anything. You can’t address Grade 12 students in the same way you address Grade 2 and vice versa. Your presentation is about a technical subject to a non-technical audience, try to tone down your content so that they can easily understand. If your audience is largely from the technical background, feel free to tone up your content so that they don’t get bored.

To know about how to understand your audience better check out this article Informational Poll Questions

5. Rehearse

Great presentations don’t happen on their own. Behind it lies practice, endless rehearsals. While you start presenting the material, you will know automatically how your audience might receive it and whether they will find something humourous or not….

Trust us. The more you rehearse, the more impactful your presentations will be.

Now let’s move onto the design part of your presentation.

6. Keep it simple

Avoid clutter on your slide. One image and a few words. Or two images. Not more than that.

Add more than one image, your audience doesn’t know where to look. Minimal content is always good. Less is more.

7. Avoid bullets

The consensus is that bullets suck. Today, presentations are all about visuals. Research tells us that content that comes with icons has a better recall value than plain bulleted text.

Use icons, infographics, pictures… you get the drift.

8. Hunt for new templates

MS Office templates are done to death. Many third-party sites offer great templates and designs that will make your presentation stand out. Go for those.

9 Don’t overdo punctuation

DON’T use, CAPS, double or triple exclamations (!!!). Go ahead and work on those dramatic pauses or exciting questions while you present the content. Don’t add them all to your presentation and make it ‘duh’.

10. Record yourself

Lastly, record yourself and show it to your friend to see how your presentation works. You will know whether your pauses are long, whether your jokes are funny…

After you analyze yourself well, tweak your presentation and record it again… and tweak and so on.

Like they say practice makes perfect.

There is no magic template, design, or content that can overnight elevate your presentation. Every element that goes into your presentation requires precision, practice, and patience.

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