Audience Interaction during Business Presentations

Reinvent how you communicate with your employees, stakeholders, and clients during business presentations.

Audience interaction software for Training & Workshops

How to make your business presentation interactive?


Use multiple interaction tools to influence better participation.


Tap into innovative ideas crowd sourced from your audience

Capture every voice, every perspective – as you present!

Breathe new life into business presentations with Audiencly interaction software. Get your audience involved and influence better participation.
  • Influence better participation

    Get your audience involved using our cohort of fun and interactive features that is easy to build and easy to run.

  • Works anywhere

    Live, online or hybrid, Audiencly helps your to reach out and interact with your audience located in multiple environments.

  • Debate, discuss and share ideas

    Make your business presentation an open forum where all types of feedback are instantly collected, listened to, spoken to, and analyzed – in real-time as you present.

Multiple functions to propel your interactive presentation

Business presentations that reflect a modern workplace.

A one-way communication channel between the speaker and audience is not going to cut it as you strive to make business presentations truly inclusive.

Get Instant Feedback

Run effective Q&A sessions anytime as you present. Involve everyone to question without fear using our anonymous response feature.

Poll Your Audience

Get the big picture by interpreting popular audience insights. Use multiple polling options to quickly evaluate the pulse of your attendees.

Gamify Your Interactions

Increase engagement by running fun quiz competitions. Track progress, identify knowledge gaps, and verify if your participants absorb information.

Moderate Responses

Remove responses that may feature vulgar or explicit content. Display relevant queries that do not offend your attendees.

Audience analytics

Seize critical audience data to drive business impact. Stop taking notes during lengthy presentations. Share results of each session - instantly.

All In One Place

Import slides, add interactions all in one interactive platform. Create a presentation in virtually minutes. Tweak content as you present to ensure error-free sessions.

More engagement.
Better Results.

Make everyone feel like a part of your business presentation. Audiencly enables you to intuitively get a reaction from your audience – no matter when or where.

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Audiencly For Business Presentations.

Make organization-wide interactions a reality and give every employee, customer, or prospective client a voice when you present.

Easily Connect

your attendees to your presentation by using a link or pass-code on their device browser.

Secure and Stable

interactions that can be moderated and controlled without any hassle.

Capture insights

from your audience wherever they are – be it remote, live, or hybrid.

Use multiple interactive

features in real-time with our user-friendly layout.

Import PPT or PDF Files

along with your interactive slides bringing everything to one place.

Uncover fresh perspectives

from your audience to discover gaps in your business plan.

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