There are no boring topics, only boring presentations

Want to make your presentations more interesting?
Use Audienclys’ interactive features to make it engaging, feisty and fun.

Presenter empowering the audience
A presenter getting response to a live poll question which is presented a wordle

Interact & Engage

Make your sessions, interactive, and engaging. Ask your audience open-ended questions and record their response as a word cloud.

Know the pulse of your audience, tweak your sessions in real-time and improvise.

User response data to a live poll presented as a bar graph
Live polls

Real time polls

Engage your audience with real-time polls and conduct surveys even while your session is on. Keep your viewers on their toes. Quiz them for feedback and get instant responses. Discuss, debate, and analyze answers simultaneously.

User arranging the response from audience for a rating interaction in Audiencly

Instant rating

Know your audience’s opinion on any subject, question, news, issue, or anything under the sun. Collect feedback through live voting, know what your audience thinks, and enhance your presentation to suit their outlook.

Presenter interacting with audience and responding to the QA from audience
Q & A

Interactive Q & A

Encourage live interaction through real-time Q & A session. Vote for the most relevant questions and make the session engaging and interesting. Provide an anonymous option to your viewers to keep their identity hidden.

A representation of moderation feature in Audiencly

Smart Moderation

Moderate the audience and filter inappropriate content. Control the course of your session through our intuitive moderation tools. Select the Q & A you wish to display and make your presentation engaging and impactful.

PPT and PDF imported to Audiencly during the preparation for presentation
Import slides

Seamless Presentation

Stop swinging between two or more applications just to make one presentation. Import all slides to one place and add multi-choice questions, surveys, slide questions, and more

A presenter represented as a king speaking to audience

Empower your audience

Give an opportunity to your audience to interact and conduct meaningful sessions. Make your presentations memorable and fun.

Give your viewers the choice to interact yet remain anonymous!

An intuitive feature that allows interaction and engagement from the audience and yet protects the identity of the viewers.


Useful tips for presentation
AVINASH KUMAR Wednesday, Jul 1, 2020
“Remote work is the future of the work.” - Alexis Ohanian, Reddit
A presenter breaking the ice with a funny ice breaker poll question
AVINASH KUMAR Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
“A good laugh makes any interview or any conversation, so much better." - Barbara Walters
End of events due to covid
KARTHIKEYAN U Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
The global landscape has been heavily disrupted due to the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 and almost every industry has been impacted due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The business event industry which contributes $1.5 trillion to the global economy is not an exception to the situation and it is almost closed for the last few months.