Display your Ideas - Clearly

Brainstorm with your team to create a virtual idea board during presentations.

Audience interaction software for Training & Workshops

Capture innovative ideas when it strikes!

Generate ideas and spark innovation as you present. Audiencly brainstorming tool empowers you to source ideas from your audience, see them displayed on the screen and highlight the best ones.

With Audiencly interactive presentation software, create virtual idea boards to enable remote and in-house teams to share their ideas in real-time. Organize feedback notes in an easy-to-digest format, that shifts and grows to display popular ideas.

How to brainstorm with Audiencly?

Helping your audience create a virtual idea board in Audiencly is easy.Start now for free.


Frame intriguing questions

Ask your audience thought-provoking questions that will ignite their creative juices.

Get answer

Gain instant responses

See a barrage of ideas appear on-screen in real-time. Enable your team to respond using any device browser.


Identify popular ideas

Adapt your questions to match responses. Choose the ideal Star rating method to help attendees determine an ideal value.


Moderate audience response

Use profanity filters to sketch out explicit content from your audience during live interactions.

Why choose Audiencly brainstorm?

Innovative Feedback

With a free flow of crowdsourced ideas, you can gauge popular concepts and turn them into polished, high-value intelligence.

Energetic Sessions

Bring in-house or remote teams together – harmonize interactions by facilitating inputs from every participant.

Review Progress

Use idea boards to retrospect objectives, outcomes, and post-mortems to improve forthcoming processes.

Multi Device. Multi Platform

Enable your remote or live audience to instantly send their ratings using any connected device browser – mobile or desktop.

Secure & Stable

Enable participation using a secure passcode or short link. Enjoy uninterrupted interactions by hosting on the cloud.

Unified Platform

Do it all with Audiencly. Export PPT slides, add interactions, conduct quiz – all in one interactive presentation platform.

A presenter represented as a king speaking to audience

Generate valuable ideas with brainstorming sessions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brainstorm?

Brainstorm is a feature of Audiencly interaction app, where your audience – both remote or in-house can collaborate and create a online idea board to illustrate their perspectives using an online presentation platform.

How do we create virtual idea boards?

To create a virtual or online idea board, each participant must first connect to the interactive session using a link or passcode.

When can we use brainstorm idea board during presentations?

The brainstorm feature can be used at any point during your presentation to create crowd sourced idea-boards where popular sentiments is visually highlighted in an easy-to-digest manner – helping you get high value inputs to accentuate decision-making.


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