Conduct Surveys using a Slider scale

Accurately measure audience feedback using a survey scale.

Audience interaction software for Training & Workshops

Slide to bring greater clarity to feedback!

Get deeper into audience insights. With Audiencly slider scale feature, empower your participants to assign a direct numerical value to their answers.

Ideal for researchers to ascertain the exact value that respondents assign to a specific answer. Slider polls is a fast and direct method to truly indicate the pulse of your crowd – be it remote or in-attendance.

Improve the survey-taking experience with Audiencly Slider Polls?

Use slider scales in presentations for comprehensive audience research. Start now for free.Start now for free.


Formulate survey questions

Frame questions with multiple answer options and a scale to measure the value of each answer.

Get answer

Gain instant responses

Be it live, remote or hybrid. Empower your audience to send their responses through their mobiles or desktop browser.


Survey your audience

By assigning a numerical or descriptive value for each answer, you can gather data to pinpoint the most popular sentiment.


Auto-Store & Analyze feedback

After every interactive session. Your crowdsourced feedback are automatically stored and can be analysed – anytime

Why choose Audiencly Slider Polls?

Deeper Research

With a free flow of crowdsourced ideas, you can gauge popular concepts and turn them into polished, high-value intelligence.

Data Collections

Bring in-house or remote teams together – harmonize interactions by facilitating inputs from every participant.

Sentiment Analysis

Use idea boards to retrospect objectives, outcomes, and post-mortems to improve forthcoming processes.

Multi Device. Multi Platform

Whether your audience is in a remote or live audience settings, instantly capture their responses using any connected device browser.

Secure & Stable

Use secure passcode or short link to enable your participants to join uninterrupted sessions hosted on the cloud.

Unified Platform

Do it all with Audiencly. Export PPT slides, add interactions, conduct quiz – all in one interactive presentation platform.

A presenter represented as a king speaking to audience

Bring more value to audience surveys using a slider scale.


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“Remote work is the future of the work.” - Alexis Ohanian, Reddit
A presenter breaking the ice with a funny ice breaker poll question
AVINASH KUMAR Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
“A good laugh makes any interview or any conversation, so much better." - Barbara Walters
End of events due to covid
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The global landscape has been heavily disrupted due to the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 and almost every industry has been impacted due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The business event industry which contributes $1.5 trillion to the global economy is not an exception to the situation and it is almost closed for the last few months.