Question, poll and visualize your audience response

All in one go with live word clouds.

Presenter empowering the audience

Present the collective voice of your audience in Words!

Stop second-guessing your audience during presentations. With Audiencly word cloud, every response is crowdsourced and artistically curated in the form of words that shift and grow to accurately depict popular expression.

Take the words right off your audience’s mouth and onto a word cloud. Collaborate with purpose, make interactions fun, and discover a treasure trove of ideas.

How to create a word cloud with Audiencly?

Creating a word cloud in Audiencly is easy. Start now for free.

A presenter getting response to a live poll question which is presented a wordle

Question your Audience

Articulate open-ended questions to gain quick and straightforward responses from your audience.

User response data to a live poll presented as a bar graph

Gain instant response

Empower your audience to shoot rapid-fire answers using their desktop or mobile device.

User arranging the response from audience for a rating interaction in Audiencly

Portray audience insights

Together with your audience, watch as opinions turn to beautifully crafted word art.

Presenter interacting with audience and responding to the QA from audience

Moderate audience response

Use profanity filters to sketch out explicit content from your audience during live interactions.

A representation of moderation feature in Audiencly

Benchmark popular opinion

Feel the pulse of a crowd as words keep moving and growing to reveal the most common sentiment.

Why choose Audiencly word cloud?

Conversation Starter

Break the ice, spark interest by getting your audience hooked on to a fun and engaging poll that will bring them closer to the interaction.

Brainstorm Sessions

With a free flow of crowdsourced ideas, you can gauge popular concepts and turn them into polished, high-value intelligence.

Real-time Engagement

Take live polls, collect instant feedback, and fast-track interaction results in a unified online presentation environment.

Rewarding Interactions

Rekindle your audience’s competitive flair by pitting ideas against each other to find popular outcomes.

Rapid. User-friendly.

Create, present, and run world cloud polls all in one motion. Our click-ready interface is built to simplify the user experience – either as the audience or presenter

Aggregate, Share Results

Shortlist opinions, ideas, and feedback that commonly resonate across participants and share results across the board.

A presenter represented as a king speaking to audience

Create Powerful Interactions through Words!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Word Cloud or Wordle?

A word cloud visually represents your audience's answers in an artistically rendered textual format that can be viewed on presentation slides. The words grow bigger and bolder, the more often it is mentioned by the audience. Word cloud is also known as Wordle, a tag cloud or text cloud.

Can Word Clouds be added to your Presentation?

Yes, Audiencly is interactive presentation software that allows you to display your word cloud as a slide in your presentation along with other PPT or interactive slides.

At this time, Audiencly Word Cloud does not directly integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint, Google slides, or any other presentation software.

When to use a word cloud?

Word clouds are a great polling tool that can be used for several collaborative ideas. It can be used to break the ice and gather specific audience insights during live events, online presentations, workshops, online tuition classes, webinars, seminars, corporate meetings, all-hands-meetings, and many more online or live interaction forums.

Can word clouds be used during student interactions?

Word clouds are ideal for the educational sector. Audiencly word cloud generator makes it fast and easy for students to grasp popular concepts from their peers and have fun while interacting online.


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