Audience interaction software for training & workshops

Foster an environment of learning and feedback with Audiencly. Get fully immersed in workshops and engage with trainers using powerful interaction tools.

Audience interaction software for Training & Workshops

How to make your workshops and
training sessions interactive?


Streamline the way your workshops and training sessions are led.


Stay engaged throughout each session, give feedback


Discover the fun of learning via supercharged interactions.

Hands-on training experience made fully interactive!

Empower participants to become involved in the learning process. Encourage them to ask questions, share experiences, participate in activities that improve knowledge retention.
  • Learning made engaging

    With Audiencly interaction app capture your learner’s attention and enhance their engagement level during online or live training sessions.

  • Formative learning techniques

    Use formative learning techniques like brainstorming sessions, live polls, quizzes, Q&A rounds, and much more to engage your audience and keep them invested in your presentation.

  • Keep track of progress

    Audiencly interactive presentation helps you maintain high energy levels, enhance knowledge retention and extract insights to reveal and improve each participant’s progress.

Multiple functions to propel your interactive presentation

Bring the immersive learning experience to training and workshops.

Empower participants to become involved in the learning process. Encourage them to ask questions, share experiences.

Set the Tone

Start sessions with a bang. Use engaging activities like word clouds polls or slider polls to assess mood swings. Then re-evaluate the session accordingly.

Maintain Engagement Levels

Break monotony! Add engaging interactions like live polls, Q&A sessions, brainstorm sessions and more, to keep everyone on their toes from start to end.

Fun Assessments

Get informal while assessing each attendee’s progress. Run online quiz sessions to evaluate each participant’s grasp of the subject in a competitive environment.

Seamless Collaboration

Whether remote, live, or hybrid. Get everybody engaged in the interactive session using any device browser – be it mobile, laptop or desktop.

Unified Presentations

Bring it all to one place. Export your PPT or PDF slides. Rearrange them and then add unique interactions without switching through software programs while presenting.

Improve Training Curriculum

Get a wider picture of each participant’s step-by-step progression. Also, analyze their level of engagement with your session – helping you to make improvements each time.

Better Knowledge Retention. Immersive Learning.

Focus on how your topic impacts the audience, reinforce interest and get better results - every time, with Audiencly interactions software.

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Audiencly For Workshops & Training

From conducting online training sessions and workshops,
interacting with attendees, and evaluating progress

Use any device browser

to connect and interact during training sessions and workshops.

Use multiple interactive

features in real-time to get the desired response you need.

Capture insights

from your audience wherever they are – be it remote, live, or hybrid.

Anonymous participation

for those who are shy or too afraid to voice their feedback.

Save and share data

to evaluate the progress of each individual and assess session feedback.

Make online learning work

with multiple interactions that mirror your classroom experience virtually.

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