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Audiencly is your trusted partner to boost audience engagement across the spectrum.

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How Audiencly Works?

4 simple steps. One powerful presentation awaits.

Feature-Filled Interactions

Interact with your audience in more ways than you can imagine.


Create beautifully crafted word clouds – together.


Collect and answer multiple questions in one go.

Live Polling

Uncover popular audience trends with live polls.


Keep scores and measure success by conducting live quizzes.

Leave the guesswork out.
Accurately project your audience views.

Break the audience-presenter disconnect during presentations. With Audiencly, boost audience engagement and collaboration, regardless of where they are or what device they use.

Seamlessly Organize your Slides and Assets
Google Slides

Don’t start from scratch. Upload your PowerPoint slides and make it interactive. Have full control over what is displayed on the screen and make adjustments as you present.

  • Import your PowerPoint Slides into the app environment within a single click.
  • Rearrange slides even during live sessions.
  • Add videos, quotes along with call-to-action buttons and forms.
Google Slides
Google Slides
Remote or live – bring everyone into the presentation
Google Slides

Make your presentation work in any environment. Audiencly cloud-based platform helps you flex between remote, in-person, or hybrid presentation with ease.

  • Easily connect your attendees to your presentation by using a secure link or passcode.
  • Collect audience feedback from their mobile or desktop browser, even during live events.
  • Full moderation power to monitor and exclude offensive crowd inputs.
Interactions that gives absolutely everyone a voice
Google Slides

Boost audience engagement with collaborative activities and formative assessments including live polls, game-based quizzes, Q&A sessions, feedback forums, and much more.

  • Use multiple interactive features in real-time to get the desired response you need.
  • Vocal or silent - every participant can share their feedback anonymously.
  • Identify popular questions sourced by your audience with social upvoting.
Google Slides
Google Slides
Get real time insights and post-session reports.
Google Slides

Get a wider picture of participants’ step-by-step engagement. Analyze their level of involvement with your session – helping you to make improvements each time.

  • Adapt your session in real time with in-the-moment feedback.
  • Seize critical audience data without taking notes or manually keeping tabs.
  • Automatically share post-session reports with every participant.
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What our clients are saying!


Useful tips for presentation
AVINASH KUMAR Wednesday, Jul 1, 2020
“Remote work is the future of the work.” - Alexis Ohanian, Reddit
A presenter breaking the ice with a funny ice breaker poll question
AVINASH KUMAR Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
“A good laugh makes any interview or any conversation, so much better." - Barbara Walters
End of events due to covid
KARTHIKEYAN U Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
The global landscape has been heavily disrupted due to the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 and almost every industry has been impacted due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The business event industry which contributes $1.5 trillion to the global economy is not an exception to the situation and it is almost closed for the last few months.