Answer your audience as you present!

Host live Q&A sessions in real-time.

Presenter empowering the audience

Turn your session into a mutual learning experience with live Q&A!

Make 2-way conversations and rebuttals possible during your presentation. Audiencly’s live Q&A feature opens a live discussion thread during any point of your live, online or hybrid sessions.

Collect a barrage of questions from your audience. Push popular ones to the top. Control what questions appear on screen and provide quick answers to your audience – wherever they are.

How to create live Q&A with Audiencly?

Creating a word cloud in Audiencly is easy. Start now for free.

A presenter getting response to a live poll question which is presented a wordle

Begin your Session

Start your interactive presentation by adding unique interaction slides to extract relevant audience responses.

User response data to a live poll presented as a bar graph

Enable remote participation

Let your audience in to your session via a short link or passcode. Connect using any browser in your mobile or desktop.

User arranging the response from audience for a rating interaction in Audiencly

Collect audience questions

Enable your audience to raise questions and interact with you during any point of the presentation.

Presenter interacting with audience and responding to the QA from audience

Moderate before presenting

Filter out profanity, dull or unrelated content before they are presented to your audience.

A representation of moderation feature in Audiencly

Give popular answers

With social upvoting – give answers to questions that are deemed worthy by your own audience.

Why choose Audiencly live Q&A?

live image
Streamline Participation

Get everyone in the room to voice their queries using any mobile or desktop browser during live or online presentations.

live image
Formulate Better Responses

Collect questions in advance before the Q&A session. Give yourself the extra prep time to articulate appropriate answers.

live image
Anonymous Feedback

Empower your participants to speak their mind in total anonymity. Protect their identity and get rare insights on pressing issues.

live image
Social Upvoting

Let your audience vote on the relevance of each other’s questions - helping you identify the burning questions that need answers.

live image
Uninterrupted Sessions

Vocal or silent participants can question the speaker – anywhere, anytime - without raising their hands or interrupting the session.

live image
Crowdsourced Insights

Quickly interpret the general sentiment of the crowd. Store and share the results of the Q&A session to analyze results.

A presenter represented as a king speaking to audience

Create Powerful Interactions with live Q&A!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Live Q&A?

A live Q&A is a part of an audience response system where attendees can directly ask questions during any part of the event/session using their mobile browsers. The speaker can gather a myriad of questions from the audience, ascertain what’s popular amongst the crowd via upvoting and reply during the online Q&A session.

With Audiencly, every participant gets a platform to voice their queries and take part anonymously without raising their hands or interrupting the session.

How does a live Q&A work?

Audiencly live Q&A works when the audience joins the online Q&A session by copying a short link or password displayed on the presentation screen to their mobile/desktop browser. Once they are in the presentation, participants can instantly send their queries during the session by clicking the “Ask Question” button on the left of the screen and begin typing down their queries.

Who controls the live Q&A sessions?

A live Q&A session in Audiencly can be easily controlled by the speaker or an assistant. Being a cloud-based software, all participants input instantly appear on the dashboard with full control over what should be answered and simultaneously displayed.

When can a live Q&A be used?

A live Q&A usually features at the end of a session or while concluding a particular topic. Audiencly interactive presentation software enables you to accumulate questions from the audience while presenting and answer them whenever you begin your online Q&A session.


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