Instantly size-up your audience with live polls

During live, online or hybrid sessions

Presenter empowering the audience

Measure the collective knowledge of your audience with live polling!

Break the audience-presenter disconnect during presentations. Audiencly live polling app offers a wide range of fun and unique polling methods to survey your audience in real-time.

Know your audience better, keep them invested in your session, gain unique crowdsourced insights, and easily connect with them on their own device - no matter where they are.

How to create live polls with Audiencly?

Creating a word cloud in Audiencly is easy. Start now for free.

A presenter getting response to a live poll question which is presented a wordle

Choose your poll type

From Word Clouds to open-ended or multiple-choice questions. Pick the right poll to achieve your objectives.

User response data to a live poll presented as a bar graph

Instant poll builder

Strategically structure and position your poll – infusing greater interest and collaboration with your audience.

User arranging the response from audience for a rating interaction in Audiencly

Launch virtual polls

Participants can quickly navigate to your poll using a short-link or passcode – made accessible from any device web browser.

Presenter interacting with audience and responding to the QA from audience

Live poll visualization

Watch poll updates grow live as each participant casts their response. Choose to share live poll feed to your audience.

A representation of moderation feature in Audiencly

Full moderation power

Enjoy ample control over polls. Start, stop or pause polls at any time. Enable multiple or single voting options and more.

Why choose Audiencly live polls?

live pool
Create a Buzz!

Target key moments to infuse polls and make your presentation a memorable conversation between you and your crowd.

live pool
Subject-Oriented Polls

Break the ice or gain inputs on a hot topic. Pick a poll type that livens up your presentation – no matter the context.

live pool
Scalable Interactions

Take your polls to the cloud and engage any number of active participants to interact with you via any remote device.

live pool
Conversation Threads

Enable participants to leave comments during each poll. Boost discussion and upvote popular comments.

live pool
Accurate Projections

Empower your audience to vote in anonymity and watch the results of the poll come together in real time.

live pool
User-Friendly Polling

Make the most of your time. Build live polls and sum-up results in a jiffy. Bring your audience to your polls in a few easy steps.

A presenter represented as a king speaking to audience

Create Powerful Interactions with live polls!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Live Polls?

Live polls are an audience response mechanism, where we can gauge popular audience responses in the form of pie charts, word clouds or other graphs in real time during interactive presentations. It is also known as online polling.

Why do we need live polls?

Live Polls are built to capture your audience’s attention during presentation. With Audiencly’s robust interaction software, you can create live polls instantly during a presentation, include it in your presentation slides and enable your participants to easily join and give their responses using their mobile device.

Can I integrate live polls to my Microsoft PowerPoint, Google slides, or any other presentation software?

Although, you have the option to import your slides as a PPT file and rearrange them in Audiencly while adding interaction capabilities like live polling.

No, at present. Audiencly does not directly integrate into your third-party presentation software.

When should live polls be used?

Live polling can be used as an ice breaker, or to gauge audience opinions during long interactions. It can potentially help you gather popular ideas that can help you make informed business decisions. Enable educators to identify if students are on the same page and uncover instant feedback that can help you revaluate your presentation and make tweaks to make it more engaging.

What is the purpose of live polling?

The goal of live polling or online polling is to reengage your audience to your presentation with a timely intervention system that make interactions fun and purposeful – allowing you to read into your participants minds - making presentation better.


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