Pricing? Let's leave it out for now.

We're more passionate about the difference Audiencly can make in the lives of speakers, educators, students and businesses. We're continually exploring more ideas to offer the best experiences to our users. So, we're really not keen on how much to charge.


In a nutshell, you can enjoy Audiencly entirely free for the time being.

Got any questions? Feel free to email us at

Find a plan that's right for you.


All the basics to create powerful interactive presentations.

Free Forever

  • 3 Audience Polls
  • Broadcast to audience size of 100
  • Unlimited Q&A
  • Interaction Analytics

Level up with advanced interactive features.

$6 /month

Billed at $72 per year
  • Everything in Essential
  • Advanced Engagement features like forms, quiz, survey and more
  • Import Presentation
  • Data Export

Custom plans, pricing and support for large and complex teams.

  • Everything in Expert
  • Advanced customizations & Support
  • Fully scalable to facilitate growth

View and compare our feature-rich plans

No. of Polls3UnlimitedUnlimited
Audience Size100UnlimitedUnlimited
Activity - Forms-
Acitivity - Survey or Quiz-
Activity - Follow & CTA-
Presentation Import-
Data Export-
Upload Video-
Password to Join-
Result Use Same PPT -
Custom Link-
Multiple Rooms Coming soon--
Post Event Questions Coming soon--
Invite Colloborators Coming soon--
Access levels Coming soon--
Single Sign on Coming soon--
Custom ThemesComing soon--
Custom Branding Coming soon--
Slidewise Question Coming soon--
Integrations Coming soon--
Exclusive Support Coming soon--

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Audiencly remain free forever?

We will always feature a free plan for Audiencly. We believe that pricing shouldn’t come in the way of creating great interactions.

Can I upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan?

Yes, Audiencly provides you with a provision to seamlessly switch plans at any time.

Should I make annual payments for paid plans?

Yes, you can choose to pay annually or monthly with Audiencly. Now, we do not have any avenue where you can pay for individual events or one-off meetings.

Can I cancel subscription to an Audiencly plan?

Although we are sad to see you go. You can cancel your subscription to any plans in Audiencly at any given time.

Can I get a refund when I cancel my subscription?

Please refer to our terms and condition page for more information regarding refunds.

Do you have a special package for educational institutions?

We’re still working on a plan that can subscribe to the needs of educational institutes. For now, please contact us via email at and our team will provide you with customized plans.

Will new features be simultaneously available on the app, regardless of which plan I choose.

New features will be included on individual plans according to our product evaluation. To access the new feature, go to our pricing page and pick/upgrade to a plan that includes the feature.

How do I make payments for subscriptions?

We currently allow you to make payments via credit card or debit card. Stay tuned as we will soon add other payment gateways.

Do you store my credit card information?

No, we do not. All your card details are not viewed by us under any circumstance. All payments are handled by the payment provider.