Collect Audience Feedback

Instantly during live or online presentations.

Audience interaction software for Training & Workshops

Evaluate your session through the eyes of your Audience!

Request your participants feedback – anytime as you present. Empower them to rate their experience - giving you general insights into what is working and what is not.

With Audiencly live rating system, add ratings to slides to analyse the collective preference of your audience in real-time. Know exactly how they feel and make interactions better each time.

How to create live ratings with Audiencly?

Helping your audience rate online in Audiencly is easy.Start now for free.


Rate from anywhere

Be it online or live, enable participants to rate your session using a link or passcode - accessible from any device browser.

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Add ratings instantly

Allow your participants to rate anytime while your present. Easily add rating to slides to quickly gauge audience interest.


Customize each question

Adapt your questions to match responses. Choose the ideal Star rating method to help attendees determine an ideal value.


Project live results

Watch with your audience as the results of the rating is simultaneously displayed on screen as audience entries comes in.


Analyze Audience Metrics

View and download data to decipher the “likes” and “dislikes” the audience places on what you are promoting.

Why choose Audiencly rating?

Honest Feedback

A quick and easy ready reckoner, that gives you a clear and straightforward picture of how your audience rates your content piece.

Instant Feedback Loop

The fastest way to assess feedback. Instantly run live ratings by adding the interactive feature before or after any slide in your presentation.

Garner Quick Insights

Instantly add ratings during presentation to discover your audience “likes” or “dislikes” – all in mere minutes.

Multi Device. Multi Platform

Enable your remote or live audience to instantly send their ratings using any connected device browser – mobile or desktop.

Secure & Stable

Join the presentation use a secure pass code or short link. Enjoy uninterrupted interactions using a cloud server.

Unified Platform

Do it all with Audiencly. Export PPT slides, add interactions, conduct quiz – all in one interactive presentation platform.

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Get instant audience feedback with Live Ratings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Live Ratings?

Live ratings is a feature of Audiencly interactive resentation app where users can grade their experience using a star rating system. Live ratings is a quick, easy and standard way to compare shared experiences across attendees.

When should live ratings be used?

Live ratings can be used at any point during an interactive presentation to extract a quick evaluation of your audiences overall experience in a single view.

How can I add live ratings to my presentation?

Audiencly is a fully integrated interactive presentation software that allows you to export your PowerPoint or Google slide presentation into the slides. Add interactive elements like ratings, polling, word clouds, Q&A, live quiz and more - giving you the perfect audience engagement tool for more vibrant and energized audience participation.


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