Audience interaction app for public speakers

Engage your Audience and empower them to interact with the speaker in real-time. Conduct live Q&A sessions, Quiz, Live polls, and more as you speak.

Interactive tool for Public Speakers made easy

How to make your
public speeches interactive?


Use multiple interaction options to engage with your audience.


See the results of your audience feedback come together in real time

Capture audience feedback as you speak!

Use fun and innovative interactive tools to effectively exchange
information between the speaker and the audience.
  • Give each attendee a voice

    Use fun and innovative interactive tools to effectively exchange information between the speaker and the audience.

  • Multiple Interaction Options

    Audiencly interaction app enables you to poll your audience, conduct live quiz shows, and run Q&A sessions with your live or remote crowd.

  • Instant feedback loop

    Visualize responses as they come in then measure the level of engagement and follow up on feedback – all in one go.

Multiple functions to propel your interactive presentation

Set the stage with an unified engagement platform

No matter the size of the audience. Give each attendee a forum to voice their opinions. Test their knowledge and provide instant feedback.

Everyone gets a voice

Never feel left out of the crowd. With Audiencly, everyone is connected to the speaker and can instantly share their vote or feedback using their smartphone

Collect Audience Insights

Use multiple interactive tools like polling, quiz, brainstorm to measure audience response and gain insights as a part of your research process

Engaging Interactions

Break the ice with a Word Cloud poll or run a fun Quiz session to keep your audience invested in your speech. This also helps in gauging their knowledge retention capabilities

Visualize Audience Inputs

See your audience responses visually represented on screen as they come in. Choose to share the screen with your audience and make tweaks to refine your speech.

Manage Live Interactions

Give instant feedback during live Q&A sessions. Use crowd upvoting to uncover the burning questions for which your audience seeks answers.

Filter Explicit Responses

Remove hateful or vulgar responses from being shown on screen. Get full moderation power to protect the integrity of your speech.

More Engagement.
Lasting Impressions.

Deliver great speeches and gather audience insights – at the same time. Making sure that your audience is fully engaged throughout your speech.

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Audiencly For Public Speakers

Connect your audience to the speaker, share meaningful conversations, size up the pulse of the crowd, derive powerful analytics and transform your speech into a powerful interactive experience.

Use any device browser

to connect and interact during public speeches.

Use multiple interactive

features in real-time to get the desired response you need from the crowd

Capture insights

from your audience wherever they are – be it remote, live, or hybrid.

Everyone can participate

in polls, Q&A sessions, and quiz with no raising hands or passing of mics.

Save and share data

to evaluate the progress of each individual and assess session feedback.

Import PPT or PDF Files

along with your interactive slides bringing everything to one place.

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